Elise Goldstein
April 2009
Performance (Duration: 90 minutes; 24 hours); Installation 10’ x 10’ x 14’
48 cotton gloves with acrylic tags, rope, wood, soap, metal basin

The Act:
a. Covered hands with gloves
b. Touched the remaining façade
c. Changed gloves every hour
d. Consoled building for 24 hours
e. Busked for restoration funds
f. Listened to Peace in the Valley, repeatedly sung
g. Washed each glove
h. Hung to dry

Over the course of one month, the artist spent 24 hours at the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago’s South Side. The structure suffered a catastrophic fire in 2006; only the stone and brick façade remains. The artist treated the architecture as though it were a person in a state of severe suffering, consoling with words and treating it with compassionate touch while wearing white archiving gloves to collect residue from the fire and environment. A public performance was then conducted to wash each glove while collaborator Juliana Pivato sang a gospel song repeatedly throughout the performance. Donations were collected during the performance and contributed to the Restoration Fund.